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Welcome to Frank EOI, your premier professional and technical recruiting agency specializing in professional engineering, operations and industrial talent delivery.

We specialize in connecting top-tier engineering, operations, and industrial talent with leading companies. With our extensive industry knowledge and technology-leveraged approach, you will win by identifying key leadership and building the engineering, operational and industrial teams necessary to succeed in today's competitive and complex environment.

Executive Search

Organizations rise or fall on leadership. Our executive search services are tailored to identify, engage, and deliver executive engineering, operations and industrial executives with the vision and experience necessary to navigate, drive innovation, and lead your organization to new heights.

Direct Hire Professional

Seeking permanent engineering, operations or industrial talent to join your team? We provide comprehensive direct hire solutions, meticulously matching candidates with your specific requirements and organizational fit. Our in-depth screening process and rigorous evaluations guarantee that you receive exceptional professionals who are ready to make an immediate impact.

Professional & Technical Staffing

Whether you need engineering, operations or industrial talent for a short-term project or want to assess candidates before making a permanent commitment, our professional contract services are the perfect solution. We source highly skilled and expert contractors who seamlessly integrate into your team, ensuring project
success and flexibility. 

Consultation and Market Insights

As industry experts, we offer valuable insights into market trends, compensation benchmarks, leadership assessment and talent acquisition strategies. Our consultative approach helps you stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions
that fuel your organizations growth. 

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