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For manufacturers, identifying, recruiting and retaining top-level talent capable of leading through today's environment is a competitive advantage.

Industry 4.0 has given rise to a series of unique challenges for manufacturers. While technology and automation have transformed manufacturing, allowing new levels of productivity, manufacturers have found it difficult to capitalize on opportunities for profitable growth because of constant disruption.

Our clients look to us for specialized and agile leaders who can drive transformation and create value while fully aligning with customers and stakeholders. These leaders must possess the expertise and focus to achieve growth while mitigating risk, optimize global supply chains, deliver productivity while engaging, developing and aligning with corporate culture.

We help industrial manufacturers solve these people and leadership challenges. Our manufacturing exclusive recruiters serve businesses around the globe in a diverse array of sectors:
Aerospace & Defense
Fueling innovation and productivity for aerospace leaders through exceptional engineering, operations and technical talent. Our expertise spans commercial aviation, defense technologies, space systems and more.
Automotive & Transportation
Delivering the specialized automotive talent driving the future of mobility. We connect leading auto manufacturers and suppliers with engineering, operations, and technical professionals across EV, AV, design, manufacturing and beyond.
Chemical and Advanced Materials
Connecting chemical leaders with specialized engineering, scientific research, operational excellence and technical talent to accelerate innovations in materials, coatings, adhesives, plastics and applied chemistry.
Consumer Goods, Textile & Apparel 
From concept to consumer, we deliver the technical, operational and leadership talent needed to bring consumer goods, apparel and textile products to life and market, on-time and on-budget.
Electronics & Consumer Devices
Scaling electronics innovations from R&D to high-volume production through expert engineering, operations and technical recruiting. Our talent delivers across semiconductors, sensors, IoT, consumer electronics and hardware manufacturing.
Energy & Clean Technology 
Powering the transition to renewable energy and clean technologies through exceptional recruitment of specialized engineering, operational and technical professionals across the industry.
Life Sciences & Medical Device
Connecting medical technology, biotech and pharmaceutical companies with exceptional life sciences talent to accelerate breakthrough innovations improving healthcare outcomes.
Industrial Equipment
Delivering specialized engineering, operations, maintenance and technical talent that powers productivity for leading manufacturers of industrial equipment and machinery.
Plastics & Packaging 
Solving plastic and packaging industries recruiting challenges through specialized engineering, manufacturing technology, operational excellence and technical professionals.

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